Across Alliance

Across Alliance is an international organisation that brings together five European CROs, which actively operate in twenty European countries.

In 2005 Across Alliance was set up by monipol as a response to expectations of pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials on an international scale.

Across Alliance is a group of local CROs, which have come together in order to achieve the following objectives:  

  • Cooperation that involves sharing of expertise, skills and services relating to clinical trials to provide clients with top quality data during the process of new drug development.
  • Provision of economically optimal services within the given timeframe.
  • Contact with one contractor: the Lead CRO coordinates the trial in all countries and serves as the contact point for the sponsor. This model of management allows benefiting from the experiences of local CROs.

Due to this approach, Across Alliance is able to conduct international clinical trials on behalf of sponsors in a few or in over a dozen countries, using the experience of local CROs regarding investigators and investigational sites, state registration institutions and Bioethics Committees.

Current members of Across Alliance are as follows:

  • Clinical Trial Service B.V. (the Netherlands),
  • Dokumeds (Latvia),
  • ICTA (France),
  • Pharmnet (the Czech Republic),
  • Monipol International (Poland and Germany).